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Most of the pieces shown below are available with your choice of stone. For a list of stones that we usually have in stock please check the 'Ordering Info.' page.

Please click on the small pix  to see a photo showing the approximate actual size of each piece.

B-015 : Sterling oval Ammonite brooch#B-015, one of our most popular pieces, is set with a fossil Ammonite approximately 350,000,000 years old. Some customers wear this piece as a pendant, a clip on bail can be attached through the open oval at the lower left through which a chain can be strung.
Sterling Price: $ 265

B-001: Sterling brooch with fossil Orthocera#B-001, in this piece, the stone 'surfs' on an ocean wave with a spray of foam above. Generally set with a fossil Orthocera (350,000,000 years old), is available with alternate stones.
Sterling Price: $ 180

B-005 : Sterling Sunset brooch with Nova Scotian Agate.#B-005, this brooch depicts a sunrise over the ocean and is usually set with Baltic amber. Shown here set with a Nova Scotian moss agate. I feel that any stone in the red to yellow range would work well in this piece. With a converter, this piece can also double as a pendant.
Sterling Price: $ 205

B-013 : Sterling bulrush brooch with Malachite.# B-013, 'Treasure in the Bulrushes'. This piece is normally set with a fossil Orthocera, (see B-001), but shown here with a piece of dark, hand cut Malachite. The distinctive  Art Nouveau feel of this brooch makes it one of my personal favorites.
Sterling Price: $ 240

B-010 : Round sterling brooch 'Gift From the Sea'# B-010, In 'Gift From the Sea', the stone rests on the ocean bottom surrounded by fronds of kelp swaying in the current. This hand textured brooch is probably our most popular piece and works equally well with any choice of stone.
Sterling Price: $ 215

B-019 : Round sterling brooch 'Skin Drying - Spirit Rising'# B-019, Pat has named this piece 'Skin Drying, Spirit Rising' and is a tribute to traditional Native ways. Again, this piece works well with any choice of stone, and is shown here with a piece of black Dinosaur Bone.
Sterling Price: $ 205

B-020 : Abstract sterling brooch with Nova Scotian Agate.# B-020, an abstract geometric shape open to individual interpretation. Shown set with an unusual piece of banded Nova Scotian Agate. Personalize it with your choice and shape of stone. 
Sterling Price: $ 165

B-021: Comet brooch in sterling and Baltic Amber# B-021, Inspired by recent astral events, the 'Comet' brooch is particularly striking set with Baltic Amber but does work well with a variety of stones.
Sterling Price: $ 215


B-016 : Forged sterling wire brooch with Dinosaur bone# B-016, A single wire, hand forged and intertwined gives this unique brooch a definite Celtic feel.
Sterling Price: $ 240


B-51-08.jpg (82254 bytes)# B-51, Triquetra Brooch
Sterling Price: $ 54

Fish Brooch-08.jpg (101945 bytes)# B-52, A Minimalist Fish brooch in 12 ga. sterling wire.
Sterling Price: $ 48


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