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Most pieces shown below are available with your choice of stone. For a list of stones that we usually have in stock please check the 'Ordering Info.' page.

Please click on the small pix  to see a photo showing the approximate actual size of each piece.

p-31x.jpg (104029 bytes)# P-31 This spiral has been hand forged and hammer textured to provide some sparkle.
This symbol has been found in virtually every
culture, world-wide, and dating back thousands of years.The interpretations are many, and include: The Labyrinth or Maze, The Path of Life, and The Creation of Order from Chaos.
Sterling Price: $ 29

p-3ax.jpg (64794 bytes) p-3bx.jpg (60455 bytes) p-3dx.jpg (60182 bytes)
#'s P-003a, P-003b, & P-003d (L to R)
These three sterling fish pendants are always popular.  $ 72 each

 p-43x.jpg (108832 bytes)     
 Abstract pendant priced affordably at 
$ 67 in sterling.

p-32ax.jpg (129364 bytes) p-34x.jpg (115850 bytes) p-35ax.jpg (94856 bytes)
#'s, P-032, P-034, & P-035 (L to R)
These simple, forged, wire wrapped pendants involve no soldering, hence the very affordable price of: 
$ 33 each in sterling.

 p-39x.jpg (99933 bytes)
# P-039  
Abstract philodendron leaf pendant.
$ 76 each in sterling.

p-40x.jpg (115231 bytes)# P-040 , A recent design in response an increasing number of requests for Maritime imagery. 
Sterling price: $ 96 

p-41bx.jpg (85091 bytes)# P-41, 'Triskel pendant, hand forged and hammer textured.This ancient Celtic good luck charm can be interpreted in a number of ways, all relating to the number three.
Our favorite is: Flames of the Fire, Swirl of the Wind, & Waves of the Water.
Others include, Birth, Death, & Rebirth, or Nature
, Man, & the Divine. Wiccans believe it represents the three stages of life, Maiden, Mother, & Crone.
Sterling price: $ 48 

p-47x.jpg (75535 bytes)# P-47, Infinity pendant.Again, hand hammered for a sparkle.The Infinity symbol or Lemniscate was introduced in 1655 by English mathematician John Wallis to represent mathematical infinity. In addition to mathematical infinity, meanings include a beings perceptual centre, the instant when all events occur, balance of forces & being present in the eternal NOW.
Sterling price: $ 48 

p-49x.jpg (119403 bytes)# P-49, 'Triquetra pendant. This symbol is a combination of a trefoil (an ancient symbol for holiness) with a Cabbalistic symbol for innocence & purity. The interpretations include: The Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost & Balance of mind, body & Spirit.
Sterling price: $ 36 

p-52x.jpg (116691 bytes)# P-52, Woven knot pendant. Our tribute to the ancient Celtic Master Artisans of the knot. If you flip the knot upside down, you’ll see we’ve hidden a heart in our hand woven knot.
Sterling price: $ 38 

p-54ax.jpg (107179 bytes)# P-54, Star pendant. Not all the points of light seen in our night sky are Stars. Some points of light are planets, far off galaxies, man-made satellites & of course, the Moon. Stars are classed as Suns, when they are at the centre of a planetary system. As we discover more planetary systems we find that more Stars are Suns. Without our Sun, there would be no life on our planet Earth. Perhaps, some mystery & wonder should remain for those of us that still enjoy “Wishing on a Star.”
Sterling price: $ 30 

p-55x.jpg (111687 bytes)# P-55, Heart pendant. Hearts have symbolized Love & Vulnerability for centuries. Some say the heart design, which does not look like the heart organ, began life as a doodle of a woman’s torso. The heart has long been considered the seat of love & affection within the body. May your heart be filled with Love & Joy.
Sterling price: $ 30 

P-57-08.jpg (148938 bytes)# P-57, Abstract Swing Fish pendant. Hand forged and hammer textured in 12ga. sterling wire.
Sterling price: $ 50 

whale tail2.jpg (5097 bytes)# P-58, Whale Tail pendant
Sterling price: $ 50 

P-60-08a.jpg (82054 bytes)# P-60, Treble Clef pendant. Clef derives from the French word for key (cle) and is placed at the beginning of the musical staff to indicate the pitch of the written notes.
Only four clefs are used regularly: the treble clef, the bass clef, the alto clef, and the tenor clef. The treble clef is also called the G clef assigning the note G above Middle C to the 2nd line, of the staff, encircled by the curl of the clef.
Sterling price: $ 43 

P-61-08.jpg (72565 bytes)# P-61, Angel pendant. Angels are believed to be supernatural beings serving God and are found in many religions. Angels are also attributed as being guardians of mankind and serving as messengers of God’s Will.
Sometimes when we are in need we refer to friends and good Samaritans, who lift up our hearts or help us in a myriad of ways, as angels (Earth angels).
This interpretation of an Angel is intended to honor and celebrate God’s Angels and the Earth angels.
Sterling price: $ 43 

Mobius Strip.jpg (86919 bytes)# P-62, The Möbius strip or band was named after August F. Möbius, a 19th century German mathematician and astronomer, and a pioneer in the field of topology. The Möbius strip has only one side & one edge. This is the result of a half twist. To illustrate this, trace one side & come back to your original starting point.
The famous artist, M.C. Escher used the Möbius strip concept to create the drawing “A Parade of Ants.”
Our interpretation is the perfect three dimensional geometric expression of unity or “Oneness”.
Sterling price: $ 34

P-63 One Heart.jpg (151865 bytes) #P-63 Heart pendant
Sterling price: $ 38

P-65 Fiddleheads.jpg (137947 bytes)#P-65 Fiddleheads pendant
Sterling price: $ 72

P-66 Moonrise.jpg (136662 bytes)#P-66 Moonrise pendant
Sterling price: $ 72

P-67 bubbles.jpg (140599 bytes)#P-67 Bubbles pendant
Sterling price: $ 72

P-68sm.jpg (43545 bytes)#P-68 Jellyfish pendant
Sterling price: $ 48

P-69sm.jpg (40576 bytes)#P-69 Abstract pendant
Sterling price: $ 48

P-70sm.jpg (36928 bytes)#P-70 Abstract pendant
Sterling price: $ 48

P-71 gs sm.jpg (67682 bytes)#P-71 Triple Spiral
Sterling price: $ 60

P-72 gs sm.jpg (56090 bytes)#P-72 Three Leaves
Sterling price: $ 96


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