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All of our earrings are fabricated in your choice of Sterling Silver or 14k gold. The stone beads are all natural. Available beads can be found on the 'Ordering Info.' page

Please click on the small pix  for a close-up of each pair.

E-01 new.jpg (160079 bytes)#E-01 Delicate hand forged squiggles,  these earrings are very mobile and catch the light very well.  
Sterling Price: $ 22

e-03x.jpg (102532 bytes)# E-03 These extended spirals resemble a miniature vortex with a small stone suspended in it's centre. (shown with Malachite stone)
Sterling Price: $ 29


e-04ax.jpg (114832 bytes)# E-04a Our most popular earring we refer to as 'Romans'. Based on a pair that were built in Rome about 2000 years ago. Shown in 14K gold and amethyst. Simple but classic.
Sterling Price: $ 34

e-04bx.jpg (108152 bytes)# E-04b Similar to E-04a but with a slightly different bead pattern.
Sterling Price: $ 34

e-05x.jpg (86215 bytes)#E-05 These raindrop shaped earrings have a hammered texture that sparkles in the sunlight. 
Sterling Price: $ 34


e-21x.jpg (109195 bytes)#E-21a These static abstract geometrics are very popular.  
Sterling Price: $ 24


e-21bx.jpg (121562 bytes)#E-21b These swinging abstract geometrics are very lightweight and very popular.  
Sterling Price: $ 24


e-22x.jpg (109544 bytes)
#E-22 These freeform abstract earrings are also a favorite at our shows  
Sterling Price: $ 28


e-23x.jpg (115119 bytes)# E-23 A smaller, lighter version of the popular spirals.
Sterling Price: $ 17


e-25x.jpg (118456 bytes)#E-25 'Floating Bubbles', Simple and elegant, these earrings compliment many of our plain sterling pendants but go particularly well with our fish pendants. (P-003a,b c, & d)
Sterling Price: $ 49


e-26x.jpg (105633 bytes)#E-26 These freeform abstract earrings were designed to go with P-035.  
Sterling Price: $ 43



e-27x.jpg (143084 bytes)#E-27 These freeform abstract earrings were designed to go with P-032. 
Sterling Price: $ 45


e-28x.jpg (108269 bytes)#E-28a Small static stars, hand forged and very lightweight. 
Sterling Price: $ 19


e-28ax.jpg (111112 bytes)#E-28b Small swinging stars, hand forged and very lightweight. 
Sterling Price: $ 21


e-29x.jpg (91525 bytes)#E-29 Tiny Fish, every one hand built. These also go very well with the Fish pendants. 
Sterling Price: $ 45

e-31x.jpg (128739 bytes)#E-31 Small star studs 
Sterling Price: $ 17


e-32x.jpg (96441 bytes)#E-32 Small heart studs.  
Sterling Price: $ 17


e-33x.jpg (92160 bytes)#E-33 Small spiral studs 
Sterling Price: $ 17


e-34x.jpg (63474 bytes)#E-34 Google earrings 
Sterling Price: $ 24


e-35x.jpg (115009 bytes)#E-35 Spiral drops. 
Sterling Price: $ 24



e-36x.jpg (98920 bytes)#E-36 Triskel earrings 
Sterling Price: $ 38


e-37x.jpg (91206 bytes)#E-37 Small infinity earrings 
Sterling Price: $ 24



e-40x.jpg (137878 bytes)#E-40 Swinging Celtic spirals 
Sterling Price: $ 29



e-41x.jpg (107355 bytes)#E-41 Static Celtic spirals 
Sterling Price: $ 27



e-42x.jpg (102898 bytes)#E-42 Triquetra earrings 
Sterling Price: $ 26


e-43x.jpg (90168 bytes)#E-43 Small double spirals, hand forged and very lightweight. 
Sterling Price: $ 21


e-44x.jpg (105831 bytes)#E-44 Small smooth finished spirals. 
Sterling Price: $ 21


e-45ax.jpg (111502 bytes)#E-45 Large hand forged and textured spirals.
Sterling Price: $ 34

e-46x.jpg (112016 bytes)#E-46 Small open wire leaves. 
Sterling Price: $ 45

e-47x.jpg (95711 bytes)#E-47 Small hand woven knots with inverted heart 
Sterling Price: $ 28


e-48x.jpg (143188 bytes)#E-48 Sailboats 
Sterling Price: $ 52



e-50ax.jpg (80206 bytes)#E-50 Swinging fish, hand forged and very lightweight. 
Sterling Price: $ 29



E-51-08.jpg (81102 bytes)#E-51 Treble Clef earrings, hand forged and very lightweight. 
Sterling Price: $ 26

E-52 Hearts.jpg (141989 bytes)#E-52 Hearts
Sterling Price: $ 36

E-53 sm.jpg (30006 bytes)#E-53 Large hammered triangles. 
Sterling Price: $ 60

E-54sm.jpg (38254 bytes)#E-54 Cutaway hammered triangles with stone bead pendant. 
Sterling Price: $ 53

E-55sm.jpg (35761 bytes)#E-55 Suspended hammered fans. 
Sterling Price: $ 39

E-56 gs sm.jpg (65896 bytes)#E-56 Silver leaves (match P-72)
Sterling Price: $ 60


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